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 Welcome To bj's closet!

My name is Barbara Jean. I'm a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor from a Semi Truck accident on 12/24/97.

My life was changed drastically that Christmas Eve morning, and I'm hoping that the following pages will help you find resources and information about Traumatic Brain Injury.

If you're just passing through, or you're looking for answers and information for yourself or a friend or family member, feel free to step on in and look around! Then pass your information on or give this URL to anyone you wish.


The information on these pages is partially from my own research and experiences, and those of friends and family too. This information is for your own reference. HOW you choose to use this information is your own business. I am not trying to get you to specifically use or try anything that I might have tried myself. So please use your own judgement and make sure you have plenty of knowledge about something before you try it for yourself.

Read my disclaimer HERE!

~ barbara jean ~

What's New Page

This is where I'll list recent updates to my site so that you, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first!

New Therapy

I'll be starting a new type of therapy shortly and plan on keeping a journal of my progress here. It's called "Neural Organization Technique".  (I have already completed this therapy, but I decided to keep all the info here so you could read about it)

N.O.T. is a total body program which can address almost any deficit which befalls the human condition. The body is a totally integrated biological entity where everything effects everything and as the song goes, the "head bone" is ultimately connected to the "foot bone".

It is impossible to treat one part of the body only without effecting or causing stress or change somewhere else.

~ Dr. Ronald Downey ~

I will be getting this therapy through Dr. Ronald Downey of the Downey Life Transformation Center here in Springfield, Mo.

I have already experienced one session with Dr. Downey and was amazed at the energy level that I had! A change started from this very first session, and that alone was an "awakening"! I feel that this will be a new transformation for BI'ers all over the world!

UPDATE 11/23/09:  I have received emails from those questioning Dr. Downey's therapy.  I can only speak of the therapy I had with Dr. Downey, and I can guarantee that the "technique" is genuine.  If you have any questions then you will have to ask the doctor himself, I'm just the messenger, remember?

N.O.T. therapy is something that I wouldn't have traded for the world because it helped me in many ways.  It's just a shame that it's so expensive and that insurance doesn't cover the costs because I feel the people that need it the most are those who can't afford the services unless like I, they received a large settlement from an accident.  I would go through it all again to be honest and would look forward to the healing that I know my body is capable of with the correct teaching.

There are links on the Therapy page for you to do some research and reading of your own about this technique.

Use the "Therapy" link above.

I don't drive this truck anymore, but I just HAD to put a picture of a TRUCK on here!
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