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Here's where I'll be giving you an update to the new therapy that I'm starting.
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N.O.T. Therapy

12/5/2001  -  I'll be starting a new type of therapy shortly and plan on keeping a journal of my progress here. It's called "Neural Organization Technique".

Neural Organization Techique is a non-invasive, neurologically correct, kinesiologically based treatment protocol designed to specifically organize or reorganize the central nervous system.

It is demonstratable, repeatable, predictable and reversible. It is designed to find and correct any deficit or deficits in the survival reflex systems, k.a. Feeding, Fight/Flight, Reproduction and the Immune Systems.

N.O.T. is a total body program which can address almost any deficit which befalls the human condition. The body is a totally integrated biological entity where everything effects everything and as the song goes, the "head bone" is ultimately connected to the "foot bone".

It is impossible to treat one part of the body only without effecting or causing stress or change somewhere else.

~ Dr. Ronald Downey ~


I will be getting this therapy through Dr. Ronald Downey of the Downey Life Transformation Center here in Springfield, Mo.

I have already experienced one session with Dr. Downey and was amazed at the energy level that I had! A change started from this very first session, and that alone was an "awakening"! I feel that this will be a new transformation for BI'ers all over the world!

More to follow.........EMail Me if you'd like information about Dr. Downey!

UPDATE: I have lost contact with Dr. Downey, but if you have run into him somewhere in your travels, please email his contact information. Thanks!


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You won't have to feel alone in this world with BI! There are always people out there to help.

I'm hoping to find out more answers with this therapy, and I'll relate those findings to YOU!


EMail Me!