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Environmental Purity from Vollara
Indoor air pollution is a disease of modern architecture. Soaring energy costs, increased conservation efforts, and new construction technologies have each contributed to why and how we seal outside air out and inside air in, with deadly precision.

The air inside most homes is 4 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside, even in areas where factories are all around.

While every home is different, the stuff that's in the air is pretty much the same.

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is considered one of America's #1 environmental health concerns.

When it comes to the air that we breathe, we would be safer in the wilderness!

You spend about 90% of your life indoors. You spend about a third of that time in bed. Experts say that between 2 million and 10 million dust mites live in your mattress and that another 2 million live in your pillow.

A 6 year old pillow can get one-tenth of its weight from mites, dead mites, and mite feces.

Dust mites are gross creatures with a taste for dead skin......YOURS!

Every time you make your bed, or fluff the pillow, an invisible and unhealthy cloud of feces, dead skin, and mite body parts circulates throughout your house.

Environmental purity helps keep your breathing environment free from these floating materials.

Now that you know.....shouldn't you do something?

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Then if you have a question or would like to order a product, email me and we can talk.

Classic Air - $624.99
Probably the most popular model sold. I have one in my home too! And I LOVE IT!

It was late afternoon when I received my unit and plugged it in. The next morning I woke free of that morning stuffiness that most of us wake with. It's GREAT!

Do you have someone that SNORES in your house? Well, you might want to try one of these! They really make a difference!  I think it's an added benefit, especially if your partner snores because of allergies.

Fresh Air Mobile - $189.99
Our AC/DC model. It's a great portable model! Use it in your office, or toss it in your RV or semi, and Keep On Truckin'!

I plugged one in while having lunch in a "smoking" section with a trucker buddy (I'm not a smoker). He smoked the whole time, and I never smelled his cigarette once! When we LEFT, the air was fresh and the waitress even said she noticed a difference! (she was a smoker too)!

Travel a lot? Toss the Fresh Air Mobile on your motel bed, turn it on high, then go to dinner! You'll have a fresh room when you return!

Fresh Air Personal - $99.99
Want to breathe healthier air? Wear this personal air purifier on the cord provided or clip it to your shirt collar or pocket when you want clean air, or if you're sitting, use the easel stand that's built in to stand it on your desk! I wear mine when I have to get out around other people since there is so much sickness around us all the time! With the charger cord, you can have it charged and ready to go at any time! I never leave home without mine on!


Fresh Air Focus - $79.99

Got a smelly spot in the house?  Would you like to freshen the air in your bathroom?  The Fresh Air Focus is perfect for a bathroom or small room, and features a "Normal", "Away" and "Nightlight" modes.

Fresh Air Surround - $799.99

Eliminate smoke from the air, automatically.  Knock out odors for a fresh, clean smell - without cover-ups.  Kill bacteria, viruses, and mold on surfaces, 24/7. 

Have you ever thought about what's really going on in your home?

Busy lives can result in frantic dinners that can leave as much smoke in the air as Grandpa's premium stogies.  Garbage cans are funky, and the smell of leftover spicy food can linger for days.  Little ones bring the day's germs home with them, and spread them just about everywhere.  And pets.....who knows what surprises they'll share next?

Now imagine eliminating that pollution at the source.  We're not talking about spraying a germ-killing cloud of flower-fragranced chemicals.  Our solution is as easy as pushing a button to keep things smelling fresh, clean, and safer to touch.  Just like outside, Fresh Air's ActivePure technology destroys odors, eliminates smoke, and kills the germs on surfaces ordinary cleaning can leave behind.

With FreshAir Surround, all you need is the air that you breathe to make your home healthier for your family.  Works for up to 3,000 square foot home.